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Class A CDL Truck Driver Employment Standard Qualifications

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truck driver hire job qualifications
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Minimum Qualifications:

• At least 21 years of age

• A valid CDL. Your CDL must be from the state that you declare to be your point of permanent domicile. To join the student program you must have a valid driver’s license and meet the Homeland Security / Transportation

Administration Requirements:

• Must provide no less than 10 years of driving work history, non-driving work
history for the past five years.

• Previous employers and references will be checked for the 3-year period
immediately prior to joining the company. All time periods exceeding 59 days
must be accounted for.

• A stable work history and good references.

• No Abandoned Trucks at previous employers.

• Successfully complete the starting classes for Contractors or Orientation for

Safety Issues:

• No failed or refused drug or alcohol test in the last three years.

• No reckless driving convictions in the last three years.

• No license suspension for points in the last three years.

• No more than three moving violations during the last year.

• Must have no more than four moving violations and / or accidents during the last
three years.


• Have required documents to complete the US Department of Justice INS I-9
work form, or certified state copy of birth certificate or US passport.

• In addition to your CDL you must carry and present one or more of the following:

1. US Passport
2. Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
3. INS paperwork that shows US Citizenship or that permanent alien residence has
been established and is current.

• Successful completion of company’s orientation program.

This is a standard guideline for motor carrier hiring qualifications.
Requirements may vary from company to company.


Sharing information & knowledge to CDL students & new drivers in order to . . .

“Raise the Standards of the Trucking Industry”

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